Reconciliation Conference

Reconciliation Conference in Istanbul, Turkey

Jews and Arabs worshipping together

As believers we all pray for revival, and with so many scriptures and promises of revival we oftentimes miss one major key – UNITY. However it is easier to speak about unity among those who are just like us. How about when that unity involves other nations, cultures, backgrounds, walks of life… how about when we speak about unity between Jews and Arabs – two people that the world considers to be sworn enemies?

Part of our vision is to build a powerful and solid bridge of reconciliation connecting Jewish and Arab believers in Yeshua. There’s so much power in unity specifically between those two.

Every year a very special reconciliation conference takes place whose aim is to bring together those who wouldn’t be able to come together under any other circumstances: Israeli and Arab believers from all across the Middle East, with one goal in mind: to bring reconciliation and connect those two worlds that often seem so far apart.

As our BH leadership team and I touch down in Istanbul to attend this conference that has been such a tremendous blessing to us all over the years, we get to see our dear brothers from all over the Middle East and North Africa, many of whom have to live their faith underground because they would be killed for it if they made it public.

Many of them are former muslims whom Yeshua found on their own “Damascus Road’, much like He did with Paul.

They are now passionate, devoted pastors and followers of Yeshua who seek to reach as many as they can in their countries, fighting incredibly difficult battles and facing tremendous hardships, resistance and persecutions daily. 

That is precisely why we draw so much inspiration from them when we get to see their courage and hear their amazing stories. The testimonies we get to hear are always so powerful and encouraging, nothing that you would ever hear in any news media.

Also, getting to share with them what God is doing in Israel gives them such hope, to know they are not alone in their difficult journey and walk of faith, that they have brothers and sisters among the Jewish people who share their faith. 

That kind of unity that is cultivated during this amazing conference in Turkey is the catalyst for revival in the Middle East.